We provide fast, accurate permitting services for the oversize and overweight transportation industry. Situated in North Canton, Ohio, we are oversize and overweight permit experts, specializing in state, provincial, local, and superload permits from coast to coast. Our staff are well-trained and fully capable of handling all your permitting needs. We stay up-to-date on the latest routing changes, restrictions, and closings to help you find the fastest and most direct route.

Our database allows us to better facilitate your permit needs now and in the future. We keep track of the routes you travel, your cargo load, and your vehicle information. If you need to move a similar load or a travel similar route, we can leverage our database to easily repeat your order.

With over one million permits issued since 1986, we proudly stand by our reputation as the premier permit service company in the country. We give every one of our clients specialized attention, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the results. Contact one of our experienced permit clerks or submit your work order online today!


Overweight Loads:

In the simplest explanation, an oversize or overweight load is any load carried by a vehicle that exceeds size or weight limits for any road or highway. Oversized refers to a vehicle that exceeds one or more dimension (over-all length of the tractor-trailer combination, width of load being carried, or the over-all height of the load on the trailer.) Overweight vehicles are fairly self-explanatory; if the vehicle and load weigh more than the federal limit it is overweight. Examples of OS/OW (oversize/overweight) loads include construction equipment, (cranes, bulldozers, etc) homes, large farming or industrial equipment, (windmills, large tractors, etc) and various other large items or machines. OS/OW dimensions are anything that go over the federal limits of 8'6” width, 13'6” height, and 70' length. To be overweight you must have a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of over 80,000 pounds and hauling a single piece. You can't create dimensions or weights by moving many pieces.


When an oversized or overweight load exceeds certain dimensions, they are classified as superloads. The dimensions for superload permits vary from state to state, and carry separate restrictions that go along with its specifications. Escorts, either civilian or police will be required for the loads. Some states will also require route surveys to make sure that the superload can travel the route without being a hazard to itself or other travelers on the route. Additional fees and permits come with the classification as well.

Temporary Vehicle Registration:

Vehicles registration refers to the actual legal registration of a tractor for a particular state for a set amount of time. There are two types of vehicle registration. One is an IRP (International Registration Plan) tag. This permit contains all the states that you truck is registered for, and the weights that they are registered for in that particular state. The second type is a base plate. A base plate is for your base state only if you want to travel to another state and you have an IRP tag. As long as that state is listed you can travel into that state without obtaining any permit; however if you don't have that state listed you can obtain a temporary IRP permit. If you have a base plate you must obtain a temporary IRP permit to travel to that state. A temporary IRP permit will legalize a driver for a specific period of time such as 3-5 days in the state that he or she is traveling. If a driver is traveling to multiple states, more than one vehicle registration will be required; if they don't have it listed. The driver will need to obtain registration in every state that he travels with the load that is not listed.

Fuel Tax:

The fuel tax is roughly the same thing as a temporary vehicle registration, with no major discernable difference between the two, other than perhaps how vehicles are identified as having the permits. Fuel tax is done by an IFTA sticker that is placed on the side of the truck. This sticker is valid for one year from its application. If one does not have the IFTA sticker, they will need to apply for a temporary fuel tax permit for the states that they are planning on traveling. If you have the IFTA sticker you must file for Fuel Tax.

The State Permits Way:

If you are in the market for any one of these items, let State Permits handle your needs. When you call, your call will be taken by one of our experienced staff members. Our staff specializes in charting the safest, fastest, and most direct possible route for your vehicle. If a problem arises that can impede your travel, we will quickly re-route you to the next best possible route. We are constantly up-to-date on the latest highway and road closings to apply the most accurate information to your trip.

Once we have discussed your needs and taken your order, we immediately send the order out to the various state, local, or provincial departments in order to ensure that your permits arrive back to us in a timely fashion. Once the permits make their way back to our office, they are immediately sent back out to you via email or fax, which ever is most convenient to you.

For every customer, we retain all prior vehicle information. This allows you to save the hassle of repeating the same vehicle information over and over every time you wish to order from us. In addition to this we also maintain records of every piece of equipment that you have permitted with us to better serve you. Our billing is done on a per load basis to give you the most accurate cost. Just some of the ways that State Permits creates the most value for their customers.

So for all your Oversize/Overweight permitting needs, give State Permits a call. You will see why for over 30 years, State Permits has been a pioneer in the permit industry.